8 October 2019

Minsk viewed as venue for working out mutually acceptable solutions

Discussions in Minsk allow working out mutually acceptable solutions that are optimal for the sides, BelTA learned from Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Armenia to Belarus Armen Ghevondyan on the sidelines of the Minsk Dialogue forum "European security: Stepping back from the brink" on 7 October.

Unlike other forums the Minsk Dialogue one allows taking a look at problems and issues from the point of view of the person one is talking to, the ambassador noted. “It helps work out optimal solutions, which can be acceptable for a broad spectrum of parties. It is the greatest novelty,” Armen Ghevondyan said.

The diplomat added that Minsk had become an important platform for discussing a broad spectrum of matters. “It is particularly important considering the fact there is an acute demand for a dialogue now,” he believes.

Chairman of the International Affairs and National Security Commission of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus Sergei Rakhmanov has a similar opinion. “You have to listen to your partner, understand his or her interest, and take at least small steps towards each other in accordance with these interests,” the senator believes. He described the lack of such a dialogue as a global problem.

Sergei Rakhmanov pointed out the organizers of the Minsk Dialogue forum are asking the right questions. “I think in the end by summing up all the panel sessions we will find ways to move towards each other. It is important for experts to have discussions in this manner on the sidelines so that we would not be limited to recounting the partner’s problems instead of trying to get to the bottom of the partner’s interests,” he concluded.

The Minsk Dialogue forum “European security: Stepping back from the brink” opened in the Belarusian capital on 7 October. Taking part in the two-day forum are high-ranking government officials, former politicians with international experience, academic experts.

The Minsk Dialogue was launched as an expert initiative in early 2015. It is supposed to offer an open platform for research and discussion about international relations and security in Eastern Europe without geopolitical dividing lines. Minsk Dialogue events regularly gather international experts as well as high-ranking state figures and diplomats.